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We have supported Tayto for many years, to build and maintain relationships with their consumers, retailers and buyers through printed and digital trade advertising, direct mail, POS and packaging design.


In January 2019, Tayto offered Plum the opportunity to take on the trade PR and media planning. We presented a full trade plan and were appointed PR agency for their brand portfolio - namely Golden Wonder Crisps and Snacks, REAL hospitality-exclusive hand cooked crisps, Mr Porky and Midland Snacks scratchings.

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PR Publication

PR Inside Spread


We believe that successful PR is about engaging with the right people, at the right time and through the right channels - in the most cost-effective way.

The secret to achieving this is: 

  • getting to know the brand and understanding what makes it special

  • knowing the audience and what makes them tick 

  • building relationships with retailers, consumers and publications

  • ongoing research, planning, execution, analysis, learning and improving


Due to our long-standing relationship with Tayto and our experience in trade marketing, we could already tick many of these boxes, but we needed to assess what could be done better…  


We ran an audit of past PR activity focusing on reach and budget.


The portfolio includes a mix of retail and hospitality focused products, so we developed a list of tiered publications specific to these two sectors. There were many titles to consider within a limited budget, so it was vital that we focused our attention, time and budget on those that best targeted the audience, ensured reach and gave the best ‘bang for buck’. 

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PR Inside Spread

PR Inside Spread

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We liaised with our ‘top tiered’ publications, to foster a relationship with the aim of positioning Tayto as ‘the’ industry expert - a ‘go-to’ point of contact for publications and their journalists.


We examined each publication’s key features, messaging and events throughout the year and developed a schedule of ‘PAID FOR’ media. 

We then leveraged this media spend, along with the excellent relationships we have with our publications, to negotiate and secure, additional free coverage. Plum clinched an unprecedented amount of free coverage and trade media support.


In-line with these features and the brand plans for the year, we developed key propositions, content, facts and killer stats.

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PR Digital Publication

PR Digital Publication

PR Publication


Feedback from publications, readers - and sales figures - were exceptional.

Plum’s PR offering has continued from strength to strength! We continue to offer full PR support including strategic planning and media booking, negotiation of fantastic far-reaching media packages, media buying - and developing a series of attention-grabbing press releases, ads and media sell-in packs. 


We’re here to listen and work with you to build your business through original and cost-effective creative communications.

Get in touch now to see how we can help: or 01384 697980

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