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We unleashed the taste adventure for Chewits

Chewits Social Media Campaign

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Chewits is a long established - much loved - brand, fighting for market share in the extremely competitive confectionery sector. Plum Ideas were appointed to manage the Facebook and Twitter social media activity for Chewits and their ‘free from’ range -  
Goody Good Stuff - with a view to maintaining and building on  
the loyal following of this nostalgic brand.

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Plum conducted a full market and competitor audit to identify opportunities and target audiences. We created a tailored social media strategy for both brands - using regular, interactive, fun and nostalgic communications to emotionally connect and build on the Cloetta brand community. We used  demographic and competitor audience targeting, email remarketing, competitions and free products, support for charities as well as events and ‘paid for’ advertising, to build brand awareness.

Chewits Socials.png


Large volumes of conversation growth and increased engagement: 

  • Over 1 million Chewits Facebook followers

  • Half a million incredibly loyal vegan and ‘free-from’ followers of Goody Good Stuff


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