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Animating BCRS with friendly brand and website development 

BCRS Brand Refresh and Launch Campaign

  • Brand Identity

  • Website Animation

  • Brochure

  • Social Media

  • Launch Event

  • Pull-Ups

  • Lifesize Cut-Out Characters


BCRS Business Loans are a financial lender and manager of funds committed to providing SME clients with a diverse range of financial services. BCRS prides itself on having a unique approach; forgoing the traditional, impersonal computerised lending stance that is common within the industry, for a personalised, customer-centric method, which sets them apart from their competitors. 
Plum were delighted to help amplify the work that BCRS were doing, with thoughtful brand and website development, which really encapsulated the fun, friendly and approachable BCRS brand image.


Our work involved a complete brand, website and collateral development for BCRS. Their old look was quite simple and corporate and didn’t really reflect the personalised, open, honest and approachable elements of the BCRS ethos that sets them apart from competitors. Our initial meetings with BCRS colleagues further highlighted the presence of some of the most vibrant and vivacious people we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

BCRS Brochure Cover.png

Brochure Cover and Inside Spreads

BCRS Brochure Inside Spread 1.png
BCRS Brochure Inside Spread 2.png
BCRS Brochure Inside Spread 3.png


We focussed on developing a creative concept that was based on people first and customer centricity, aiming to trickle this message through every aspect of BCRS branding. Our work involved the delivery of a range of fun and animated avatars for BCRS team members which are placed throughout their new website. The aim was to deliver a range of human and relatable avatars that spoke to BCRS’ target audience, giving users a clear idea of who they really are. Opening the lines of communication in this way really articulated the values of the BCRS team, whilst helping to contribute to a valuable brand identity that uniquely positions the company within the financial services industry.

BCRS Campaign-cutout.png

Life Size Cut-Out Characters


Staff Avatars

BCRS Website.png


The launch was a great success and feedback was, and still is, incredibly positive. Sarah Moorhouse, BCRS Operations and Marketing Director said, “The folk at Plum definitely got where we were going, they understood the brief and brought the level of creativity we needed to bring the site to life”.

The site has further helped to position the BCRS brand far from many of the countless, faceless financial service providers within the industry, applying a unique blend of creativity and branding which conveyed BCRS’ friendly, accessible and fun outlook on life.

“The folks at Plum definitely got where we were going, they understood the brief and brought the level of creativity we needed to bring the site to life”.

Sarah Moorhouse

BCRS Operations

and Marketing Director


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